HB1444 Filed To Repeal Missouri State Safety Inspections

HB1444 Pre Filed To Repeal Missouri State Safety Inspections


UPDATE – 1.4.2018 Reffered to House Transportation Committee

EMAIL Transportation Committee: Bill.Reiboldt@house.mo.gov , Becky.Ruth@house.mo.gov , Bob.Burns@house.mo.gov , Kevin.Corlew@house.mo.gov , Robert.Cornejo@house.mo.gov , Tom.Hurst@house.mo.gov , Glen.Kolkmeyer@house.mo.gov , Bart.Korman@house.mo.gov , Karla.May@house.mo.gov , Joe.Runions@house.mo.gov , Nate.Tate@house.mo.gov

This bill repeals the inspection requirement for non-commercial motor vehicles which is currently required in order to renew a motor vehicle license. The air quality and emission inspection requirements for St. Louis and some specified areas which are mandated by federal law are not modified.

Here are some things to think about…

States that do not have Safety Inspection Programs have twice as many fatalities due to mechanical failures than Missouri does. Safety Inspections save lives.

With the cost for the Safety Inspection at $12 every two years this is the greatest deal available. It’s like getting a cheese burger for a nickel. The cost for this should be in the $55 dollar range based on average shop labor rates and the time it takes to perform the inspection.

This is the cheapest insurance program available. Isn’t worth $12 every two years for a little piece of mind and to know your family is in a safe vehicle?

Even if you maintain your vehicle you are not the problem. The problem is the vehicle owner that does no maintenance or perform repairs until the car is broke down alongside of the road.

If your vehicle fails inspection you have the right to get it repaired any place you would like or even do it yourself. If your vehicle fails the Missouri State Safety inspection and you disagree with failure, the MSHP will inspect it at no charge for you.

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