About Us

The History of AASP-Missouri

Throughout the years AASP-Missouri has had many names. We have undertaken many changes to become one of the foremost automotive service and repair industries associations.

We began in the 1960’s as IGO, Independent Garage Owners and then changed the name and became ASC, Automotive Service Councils and in 1986 became ASA-Missouri, Automotive Service Association of Missouri.

In 1999 we along with nine other states formed ASP, Automotive Service Professionals and then in 2000 morphed into our present name AASP-Missouri. The Alliance of Automotive Service Providers of Missouri. We are an affiliate of AASP-National. AASP-National has grown to 10 affiliates and at large members representing 18 states and over 8500 automotive service and repair businesses throughout the country.

Our Goals

AASP‐Missouri is proud to be a part of the system that helps our membership to provide the most effective path to success possible. We hope that you'll clearly understand what we hold as the vision of satisfaction from the items showcased below. We look forward to hearing from you about your current or potential membership to AASP‐Missouri.
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The board and all association members will strive to raise the level of awareness of the ability and dedication of the automotive service professional.

icon-training Training

The state association will lead the way in providing opportunities for continued technical education and development of management and leadership skills.

icon-support Chapter Support

The state association will strive to create an atmosphere of support and exchange that promotes strong chapter participation and success.

icon-politics Legislative

The state association will investigate lobbying opportunities and promote communication with political leaders and bodies at the national and state levels to establish a recognized voice and to preserve and enhance the future of our industry.

icon-membership Membership

The board, the executive director and all state members will look for new ways to recognize and reach out to new members, in addition to strengthening communication with current members. Our goal is to give all members the desire to be active and contributing participants in the state association.

Our Code of Ethics

We've always known that adhering to the best personal code of business will provide us with a foundation that will allow us to build the future of our industry.

To Our Customers We Promise

To perform high-quality service, with trained personnel, using quality products appropriate for the repair

To offer valid written estimates and keep customers informed of significant changes in the service process

To conform to all applicable federal, state and local laws

To maintain a sense of personal obligation to our customers

To offer resolutions if the expectations of our customers are not met

To Our Employees We Promise

To encourage continuous training

To provide a quality work environment

To manage our business in a professional & sensitive manner

To the Automotive Industry We Promise

To uphold the highest standards of our industry

To attempt correction of any abuses within our automotive community

To be aware and proactive in response to changing technology and legislation

To uphold the integrity of all members of the Alliance of Automotive Service Providers

Our Board of Directors

The AASP-MO Board of Directors is eager to hear from you. Please use the contact information below to contact your nearest representative and let us know how we can help you succeed!

Executive Director

Ronald G. Reiling, AAM

(636) 949-5990

E-Mail: aaspmo@aol.com

State Board of Directors
  • State President
    Mike Moehlenkamp, Gary's Auto Service
    (314) 831-5843

  • State Vice President
    Tom Barrows, Hi-Tech Auto Automotive
    (573) 335-1905

  • Special Advisor
    Paul Stock, AAM, Stocks Underhood Specialist
    (618) 233-6119

  • State Sec./Treasurer
    Joanna Foree, Westwood Automotive
    (636) 225-8500

  • Past President
    Greg Bartnett
    (636) 269-7801

Chapter Presidents
  • St. Louis
    Mike Moehlenkamp
    (314) 831-5843

  • Southeast MO
    Tom Barrows
    (573) 335-1905

  • Gateway Collision
    Matt Heubner
    (271) 306-1299

  • Illinois/Metro East
    Paul Stock, AAM
    (618) 233-6119

  • St. Charles

  • Illinois Collision
    Ken Kohnen
    (618) 452-7165