Automotivation: April 2017


How To Hold Employees Accountable

A few years back, at a spring conference in Scottsdale, Ariz., Tony Adams served as a speaker and asked one question that truly struck a chord. Adams, co-owner of Weaver’s Auto Center in Shawnee, Kan., asked if any of the roughly 100 people in attendance that day had anyone on staff that was a poor fit for his or their business. About 80 hands shot up in the air.

That day proved to Adams the importance of having “nonnegotiables” in his business. In other words, it proved to him the importance of establishing business values and policies and holding employees accountable to them. Because it’s awfully tough to operate a shop when your staff isn’t respecting and adhering to your standards.

It’s a humongous problem,” says Adams, a veteran of nearly three decades in the auto industry. “All those people that were in there [at the conference] with their hands up?They’re supposed to be leaders—they’re supposed to go in there and deal with the issues.


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Written by aasp