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HB1444 Would Repeal Missouri State Safety Inspection Program

UPDATE – 1.4.2018 Referred to House Transportation Committee
NOW is the time to continue contacting your Missouri State Representative and the House Transportation Committee

AASP-Missouri State President Mike Moehlenkamp (Gary’s Auto Service) made the trip to Jefferson City with Executive Director Ron Reiling, AAM to testify in opposition to HB1444.
Unfortunately HB1444 was not heard as scheduled due to an illness of the sponsor Rep. Eggleston (He called in sick). The hearing is rescheduled February 7, 2018. We need a great turn out for this.

The trip was not wasted as they got to meet with MSHP Captain Lester Elder and discuss the bill and changes we would like to see in the program. Did you know that 50% of the vehicles registered in Missouri or at least 10 years old? Did you know that states that do not have safety inspection programs have a fatality rate from mechanical failure twice as high as Missouri?

We also met with the House Transportation Committee Chairman Rep. Bill Reiboldt – He told us they were receiving quite a bit of opposition to the bill. (That would be you’re emails) and several other Reps and Senators. (They were all very supportive of our efforts).


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