Automotivation: July 2017


HManaging Vacation Time

Maintaining a work life balance is important, and part of that is taking vacation time. Managing time off isn’t always easy, especially when your staff size is small to begin with. Tim Paap, owner of Paap Auto Body in Mattoon, IL, has a staff of seven, including himself, producing $1.3 million per year. The shop has an office manager, production manager, two technicians, a painter, a painter’s helper and a detailer. Last year, Paap was able to take 30 days off for various training events and even took time off to pursue his other hobby— racing. Paap says he’s able to do this because he has created a system to balance vacation and has created a culture in his shop where people know and are encouraged to take time off when they need to

We always want to ensure timely repairs, regardless of team members taking time off. Our biggest concern is always customer service. I have a staffing model that allows for flexibility and supports our team taking time off. If someone is taking vacation in the shop, I can fill in for that position as necessary. We also have a back-end estimator that can fill in when needed and any team members that are ahead of schedule pitch in.


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Written by aasp