Automotivation: June 2017


How the 2017 A/C Milestones, New EPA Rules Will Affect Your Shop

We’ve reached another milestone in the mobile A/C refrigerant timeline, and this time it’s a big one: January 1, 2017 was the drop-dead date set by the EU (European Union) for when vehicle manufacturers can no longer fill any new vehicle’s A/C system with fluorinated refrigerants (or F-Gases) that have a GWP rating of more than 150. This totally knocks out R-134a as a player (with its relatively high 1,430 GWP), pretty much leaving OEMs with a choice between R-152a, R-744 (what we call carbon dioxide when it’s used as a refrigerant) or R-1234yf, which is quickly becoming the new world standard.

If possible, car makers around the world would still like to employ just one, universally accepted working fluid (the refrigerant), which is one reason why R-1234yf has so much support (that, along with its GWP of 1 and its similarities to R-134a, among others). All OEMs will build yf systems to meet the current EU and upcoming US and other world regulations, but it’s not the only fluid in development right now


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Written by aasp