Automotivation: March 2018


Honda Fit Crash Tests Discussed by ABAT President

In December, Texas attorneyTodd Tracy experimented with crash-testing several Honda Fit vehicles to evaluate the differences between improper repairs being performed and vehicles being repaired using aftermarket parts.After the testing, Tracy issued a statement deeming the experiment a success.

“Now, for the first time, we have a scientific engineering basis to refute any insurance company who insists on bullying a repair shop into using non-OEM-approved repairs or aftermarket parts… Insurance companies need to get out of the repair business and let the repair shops repair vehicles so that people aren’t riding around in ticking time bombs,” Tracy said.

The tests, which took place Dec. 18–20 at the KARCO Engineering facility in Adelanto, CA, consisted of crashing three Honda Fits into a honeycomb aluminum barrier at 40 mph using a narrow frontal offset test in order to test the repairs in the most rigorous and dangerous way possible.

An unrepaired black 2010 Honda Fit was used as a control vehicle to demonstrate how it should hold up in an accident, compared to a red 2009 Honda Fit that was improperly repaired and a 2013 blue Honda Fit that was repaired according to OEM guidelines using aftermarket parts. The repairs on the two test vehicles were performed by Burl’s Collision Center in Henderson, TX…


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