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UPDATE: HCS#2 HB451 Would Repeal Missouri State Safety Inspection Program

Call To Action!

Please continue to take the time to contact your Missouri State Legislators and tell them that you OPPOSE HB451, SB359 & SB381 that would repeal the Safety Inspection Program in Missouri or exempt vehicles for 5 years or 150,000 miles(HB451 latest version HCS#2 HB451). Below are facts that have been shared with legislators. Be sure to include your name and address in your correspondence. Every email makes a huge impact with our legislators.

This going to take a grass roots effort from all of you We are partnering with MWACA and their Executive Director
Sheri Hamilton in our efforts to defeat this bill. We look forward to working with Sheri and the MWACA members. Check out the website

We OPPOSE HB451, SB359 & SB381

These bills would repeal the Missouri State Safety Inspection Program. This would be a huge disservice to the public safety of the motorist of Missouri and their families. This WILL NOT be a 30 million dollar tax cut (as stated in the House debate) because it is not a tax. I’m not sure I would want to call $6 a year a tax cut (Inspection fee is $12 every two years) so not enough to fill your gas tank or take your family out to dinner. Plus this will eliminate approximately 2 million from road funds collected through the program. Another hit to the crumbling infrastructure of our roads.


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