Automotivation: May 2018


HB1444 to Repeal the Missouri State Safety Inspection Program Dies on Last Day of Legislative Session!

MAY 18, 2018 – AASP-Missouri and its members have led the way in killing this bill. THANK YOU to all of you that took a few minutes to contact our legislators. It makes a huge difference when you contact our legislators, especially your personal legislator. We did a great job of creating a buzz in Jefferson City with the legislators. I was contacted by several Reps with questions about what the Bill Sponsor was telling them. So we were happy to provide them with the information they needed. I heard them using verbiage from our emails during their debate of the Amendment that was attached by Rep. Eggleston, the sponsor. The amendments were later removed in the Committee Conference for SB707 following the refusal of the Senate to accept the House Amendments, allowing SB707 to pass in the following weeks with the house Amendments being removed.

Here is a link if you would like to hear the debate of Rep. Eggleston’s amendment. From 1:32-2:04. Take a few minutes and listen to what some of the Reps think technology will do and what we are up against. See that some of them think that consumers ALWAYS get their vehicles repaired. It is very eye opening to see what they think. One thing that I thought was odd was that the vote to the amendment was a partisan vote with the Republicans voting Yes and the Democrats voting NO. At the end is the list of how your Reps voted.


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