Automotivation: January 2017


Have You Considered RETRO Customer Service?

This is for the over 40 – maybe 50+ crowd. Those that can remember what customer service used to be – ‘back
then’. If that’s you, let’s bring RETRO Customer Service back. If it’s NOT you, pay attention. I say that because in so many cases, I find the ‘other’ group simply hasn’t been trained.They haven’t been ‘shown’ a better way to handle situations So, their actions are their own. My personal mentality is: I don’t like to badger or
complain about those that haven’t been shown the better way to do it. Once we show them; it’s a different story.
If they have been shown; and still don’t “get it” – Well, then there is a concern. But as someone who reaches this large millennial group often in my keynote customer service programs…. I can say they are usually most appreciative with the information we share. I hear comments from this large group like: “Wow, thank you, I didn’t know that” to: “Man, this is really cool, easy stuff I can use – Thank you.”

Back to RETRO.


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Written by aasp