Automotivation: July 2021

  How to Find Additional Repair Work A topic that I’m finding our Elite Body Shop Solutions community is interested in lately is where to find additional repair work. While some auto body shops have been negatively affected by the pandemic, others have become more efficient and found additional capacity they want to fill. Either

Automotivation: May 2021

  Most Consumers Not ‘Always Satisfied’ with Their Current Auto Service Provider, Survey Finds Nearly 80 percent of respondents believe that fair prices equate to good auto service, which won out against good communication, honesty, timeli- ness, and respect     Click Here to View More                  

Automotivation: March 2021

  Are You Passive, Average or Proactive? IMPORTANT: None are bad. Each has many benefits to a company. Fact: Often the reason there is trouble with customers is one of these personalities was placed in the wrong position.     Click Here to View More                    

Automotivation: January 2021

  Shop Policy in the Event an Employee Tests Positive In the event an employee shows any symptoms of Covid-19 they must notify the management and not report to work until a negative Covid-19 test result can be provided. If the employee tests positive, they must wait 10 days and produce a negative test to

Automotivation: October 2020

  AASP-National Meeting Via Zoom 2020 The year like no other. Even though the SEMA Show was canceled we still needed to have our Annual Fall Meeting. Since we can’t meet in person, we held our meet- ing on two different days via Zoom, October 20 and 27, 2020. This was a unique meeting platform,