Automotivation: May 2018

  HB1444 to Repeal the Missouri State Safety Inspection Program Dies on Last Day of Legislative Session! MAY 18, 2018 – AASP-Missouri and its members have led the way in killing this bill. THANK YOU to all of you that took a few minutes to contact our legislators. It makes a huge difference when you

Automotivation: April 2018

  Six Tried & True Listening Tips Listening isn’t the same as hearing. Think about a commercial for a product you have no interest in; it’s easy to tune that information out, isn’t it? Hearing is one thing, but listening and mentally absorbing the thoughts is another thing. That’s why we say listening is an

Automotivation: March 2018

  Honda Fit Crash Tests Discussed by ABAT President In December, Texas attorneyTodd Tracy experimented with crash-testing several Honda Fit vehicles to evaluate the differences between improper repairs being performed and vehicles being repaired using aftermarket parts.After the testing, Tracy issued a statement deeming the experiment a success. “Now, for the first time, we have

Automotivation: February 2018

  HB1444 Would Repeal Missouri State Safety Inspection Program HB 1444 – VEHICLE LICENSING – SPONSOR: Eggleston (WE OPPPOSE THIS BILL) UPDATE – 1.4.2018 Referred to House Transportation Committee NOW is the time to continue contacting your Missouri State Representative and the House Transportation Committee AASP-Missouri State President Mike Moehlenkamp (Gary’s Auto Service) made the

Automotivation: January 2018

Toy For Tots Christmas Social Huge Success Thanks to all that participated in our annual Toys For Tots Christmas Social. AASP-Missouri members will be making Christmas dreams of children come true this Christmas. This year we collected 1000 plus toys ranging from Hot Wheels to bikes and everything in between. Syberg’s was so impressed with