Automotivation: February 2019

  HB451 Would Repeal Missouri State Safety Inspection Program – Call To ACTION! Please take the time to contact your Missouri State Legislators and tell them that you OPPOSE HB451 that would repeal the Safety Inspection Program in Missouri. Below are facts that have been shared with legislators. Be sure to include your name and

Automotivation: January 2019

  Let’s Quit Brainwashing Kids That it’s a College Degree or Nothing! Too many young people are sold a bill of goods that the only road to success is a college education. In fact, vocational education — such as auto mechanics — can lead to goodpaying jobs. I had no inkling there was a problem.

Automotivation: December 2018

  Freon R-1234yf – Are You Ready? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you might have heard about the new regulations and requirements for R-1234yf usage. Not sure? Well, it’s time you crawled out from under that rock and get ready for some of these new regulations that will affect you and your profession.

Automotivation: November 2018

  AASP-Missouri Participates in the Fall AASP-National Affiliate Meetings at SEMA! During the 2018 SEMA Show, October 31, 2018, Mike Moehlenkamp (Gary’s Auto Service), AASP-Missouri State President and Executive Director, Ron Reiling represented AASP-Missouri at the AASP Affiliate Fall meetings. Both Mike and Ron were honored for their participation on the AASP National BOD, Executive

Automotivation: October 2018

  United Fire Group Announces AASP Dividend, Membership Pays – Literally! United Fire Group (UFG) Agents (Chapman & Hogan) will be out delivering dividend checks to AASP members in September for their participation in the association’s insurance program with UFG for the calendar year 2017. Over $509,000 will be distributed as a 7% dividend on