Automotivation: March 2017

Eight Tips To Help You Negotiate Everyone Negotiates. Sometime, Somewhere, Somehow From telling the kids, “After you eat your dinner, then you can go play” to the highest business deal out there. Negotiation is real. And many times, done without knowing it. Those that have a few tips in their back pocket when negotiating have

Automotivation: February 2017

Collision Repair Education Foundation and I-CAR Release Snapshot Research Collision industry needs 12,000 technicians to replace workers who leave the industry. The Executive Summary of the collision repair industry Snapshot Survey, co-sponsored by the Collision Repair Education Foundation and I-CAR, is now available. The summary provides an in-depth look at current industry data as well

Automotivation: January 2017

Have You Considered RETRO Customer Service? This is for the over 40 – maybe 50+ crowd. Those that can remember what customer service used to be – ‘back then’. If that’s you, let’s bring RETRO Customer Service back. If it’s NOT you, pay attention. I say that because in so many cases, I find the